Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Right guys, it's official POP Mania has arrived, you know why? Starbucks have launched cake pops in their store today, not my POPs let me add! I feel like Meg Ryan in 'You've got Mail' when she fights for the right of her small business.
Watch this space peeps, and don't desert us for Starbucks POPs pls!x


  1. unfortunately it's a dog eat dog world !!!
    even tho I can't buy your cake pops I've just ordered your book. :) :) :)
    joan in italy

  2. Well, if the pops are as good as their coffee you have nothing to worry about ;)

  3. I tried 2 of their cake pops and they are horrible!!! I have been making cake pops for only 2 months, but mine are way better than Starbucks!! They were greasy and not made at the store...so who knows how "fresh" they were. You have nothing to worry about! Yours are adorable, customizable, and more personable ;)

  4. I saw them the other day and I was like "WHAT!!" as if they're trying to cash in on that! They do whoopie pies too. Lol what next xxx

  5. I do pops myself and I tried the Starbucks ones too.. They taste really bad! And mushy! I'm ordering your book from ebay cause retailers in Singapore don't seem to have it yet! Love your pops! :)