Friday, 20 May 2011

A Busy Thursday!

A very busy thursday, luckily the lovely Kamila was at hand to help and all was sent off to the postman in time, I particularly liked the fish order for someones daughter who wants to become a marine biologist, how cute!

Friday looks even busier, but then weekend and fun and frolics!


  1. I hope it's okay: I found you through the advert you placed with the Arts Council and I was so impressed by your pops that I have blogged about it and borrowed this photo.

    I have linked back to you.

    They are AMAZING!

  2. Please help. I can't find a uk stockier of black cocoa butter anywhere on-line. Your recommended supplier doesn't carry it either. I tried my edible pen but the colour wasnt settling well on the candy. Please point me in the right direction as I have a hundred pirate pops to make for school fayre in a month.