Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Meancakes is born

Very exciting time at POP HQ. I had always wanted to do cakes like these, big kitsch, american style birthday cakes with cheeky phrases written on them, but POPs hit me like a bullet so the idea was tucked away for a rainy day. Yesterday when me and Suzy [a fellow popper] were making endless nosferatu POPs for a cool night at the Box we started thinking how cool they would be. Perfect for that sarcastic friend who hates pretty pretty birthday cakes, or your boyfriend who you like to wind up. Or a little deeper a naughty husband who needs to be told you are filing for divorce! Ha! Well it's all tongue and cheek and I hope you POP fans will become fans of the latest idea. A new blog will be set up in due course. Need a nice portfolio of these beauties!

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