Friday, 2 March 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!


  1. Hallo! Thank you very much for publishing your beautiful and so cute books! Every pages make me cheer up and happy.
    I'm really enjoyed myself to see and read your work's photographs and recipes.
    I'm a Japanese, living in Tokyo. I'd like to try your recipe, but I don't know where I can get "candy melt". Could you please tell me about "candy melt", if you have some time? I know you're so busy, so even if you don't answer, I don't care and you don't need to mind.
    I imagine candy melt is like icing, because your baking is based on english cake.
    Please say happy birthday to your mother! The next day of your mother's birthday, 3th.March, is "Doll Festival for girls" in Japan. It is called "Day of Peach Flower" .


  2. lovely to hear from you! candy melts are by Wilton, you can buy them off amazon. They are a bit like chocolate and come in all different colours! Happy POPping! x

    1. Thank you very much for your answer! I'm really really happy to have your reply! I see. Candy melt is not like icing, but a bit like chocolate, isn't it? Maybe I can use white chocolate instead of candy melt.
      You have an excellent good sence of drawing. I love it!