Monday, 14 May 2012

NYC research trip!

what an amazing time I had on my research trip in NYC. Current trends from the pics include- chocolate bananas by yummy nanas, amazing tacky sweet treats including cereal milk and compost cookies [compost being crushed pretzels from milk bar, chips, chocolate, cornflakes etc], posh icecream including elderflower from a truck in brooklyn, amazing buckwheat waffle wraps for brunch. ooh and magnolia bakery, the bakery made famous by sex and the city, was actually amazing, had a really simple buttercream vanilla cupcake and it was divine, made me fall in love with cupcakes again! only place I found cake POPs was in Dylans candy bar and they didn't look great, the trend of painting the POPs like we do in the UK hasn't caught on I don't think!We are still yet to conquer the USA in terms of fancy designed cake POPs for sure!

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